Doorstep is able to generate and upload a feed of your properties to portals like Rightmove who accept the Rightmove Adf (BLM) format.


To setup a Rightmove feed, you will need to include a seperate package in your application's composer.json file.

composer require doorstep/rightmove-adf

Once the package has been installed, you can activate the feed by updating your app/Providers/FeedServiceProvider.php file.

Update the drivers to include rightmove-adf as follows:

protected $drivers = [
    'rightmove-adf' => 'Doorstep\Feeds\Rightmove\RightmoveAdf',

You can set up other feeds that use the same format, for instance':

protected $drivers = [
    'rightmove-adf' => 'Doorstep\Feeds\Rightmove\RightmoveAdf',
    'other-portal' => 'Doorstep\Feeds\Rightmove\RightmoveAdf'


Once you have register a feed driver, login to your admin area, visit Settings > Feeds and then click the "Refresh Available Feeds" button to register your new feed drivers and continue setting up the FTP details.

We recommend testing your feed using your own FTP server before submitting to Rightmove or other portals.


The feeds and generated and uploaded when a console command is run through the command line:

php artisan doorstep:feeds

We recommend setting up a Cron job on your server to automate the feed generation. For example, to run every day at midnight you would run

0 0 * * * php /path/to/artisan doorstep:feeds >> /dev/null 2>&1

When you intend to generate the feed more than once per day, Doorstep needs to know which sequence ID to add to the feed. You can pass this as an additional argument

php artisan doorstep:feeds --sequence=2