Release Notes

Support Policy

Unfortunately we can't always provide support or after-sales advice or service. Any support we give is gratuitous and provided entirely at our discretion. Due to other work commitments, we cannot provide support face-to-face or via telephone - our sole communication method is via email.

Please note that any support we provide relates to the configuration and use of Doorstep. We do not provide support for the configuration of web servers or similar systems.

Our support may be limited to the most recent version of Doorstep. We may, at our discretion, cease to provide support for earlier versions of Doorstep at any time without notice.

You may have to update to the latest version available under your Licence and, failing to have done so already, we may ask you to complete the update before providing support.

Although we endeavour to respond to support requests within a reasonable time, our ability to do so may be hindered by our capacity to take on new tasks at any given time. At present we do not offer support contracts or priority packages, nor do we currently have any plans to do so.

Doorstep 1.0

Doorstep 1.0 uses the latest version of Laravel 5.1 which is marked as LTS.