Directory structure

This is the directory structure you will end up with following the instructions in the Installation Guide.

|-- /app
|-- /bootstrap
|-- /config
|-- /database
|-- /public
|   |-- /assets
|-- /resources
|   |-- /assets
|   |-- /lang
|   |-- /views
|-- /storage
|-- /vendor
  • app - contains your own namespaced application code
  • bootstrap - initialisation files including path configuration and loading of other core files
  • database - contains the database migrations (updates to database in each version) as well as sqlite files (if used).
  • public - should be the only directory that is publically accessible, i.e. the web document root.
  • resources/views - the location of the html views (overwriting from Doorstep default views)
  • storage - storage location for various files including cache, feed files, sessions, files, and media.
  • vendor - composer directory to store and load contains the main source code of Doorstep and third party libraries and frameworks